MCPT therapists are trained in providing trauma-focused psychotherapy and in treating symptoms and reactions that are a result of that trauma. This could look like depression, anxiety, grief, behavioral issues, relationship issues, eating disorders, sexual reactive behaviors or sexual dysfunctions, low self-esteem, overwhelming shame… the list is endless. Whether the trauma happened in your childhood or more recently – our aim is to help you overcome the trauma and heal. It is never too late or too early to focus on your emotional health and better understand yourself.

MCPT provides individual treatment but may be able to integrate family members or significant others into treatment on a case-by-case basis if you and your therapists feel it would benefit your healing journey. We work with children as young as four, teens, and adults. Sessions range from 45-55 minutes depending upon what is required by your insurance company and/or individualized treatment plan.

Psychotherapy is not a quick fix and requires a commitment on both the therapist and the client. Psychotherapy is a team effort. It is not the therapist’s job to tell you what to do, give you advice, or make changes for you – It is the therapist’s job to gain understanding of you and your difficulties in order to help you connect to your emotions and see a clearer picture of how you can meet your goals.

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